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Baked “Queso Chz” Nachos

Here is a great party plate for when you have company over and you don’t have much time. This can be made in about twenty minutes. Our “Queso Chz” sauce has a sharp kick of spice, and the nachos are loaded with all the usual suspects like sliced jalapenos, black beans, chopped tomatoes, sliced black […]

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Vegan Blue Chz Dressing

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything that you used to enjoy! Most dishes can be made vegan with a little creativity. Take this Blue Chz Dressing for instance, here you get all the flavor and texture without sacrificing a thing! This dressing works great with a salad, dipping your favorite veggies and […]

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Spinach Dip

We’re sure you’ve noticed that we do a lot of recipes using Tofutti products. We’ve had the opportunity to create some tasty recipes for them using their fantastic products. Here is a recipe that uses their sour cream and their cream cheese. This dip is great for parties, gatherings or even just a party of […]

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