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Grilled Yamwich

This has to be one of the most satisfyingly delicious sandwiches on the planet! The sweetness of the yams is complimented by the savory onions and garlic. The tangy creamy dressing and sauteed kale add so much flavor to this sandwich. This is such a tasty way to enjoy these healthy vegetables plus it’s so […]

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Vegan Sloppy Joe

Here is an American classic sandwich known as the Sloppy Joe which got it’s name from a cook named Joe at a cafe in Sioux City, Iowa back in 1930. Traditionally this is made with ground beef but there’s no beef in our new vegan take on the classic, we used our favorite go to versatile ingredient, […]

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Korean BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

We are huge fans of this versatile ingredient jackfruit. Young, green jackfruit absorbs any flavor, and has a texture not-unlike shredded pork or chicken when cooked. Cans of jackfruit can be found at most Indian or Asian markets. Be sure to get the kind that is not in syrup, but water or brine. This sandwich […]

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